Proof that tall well built boys can fit into their "toys" !!

Simon is close to 6'4" and Tim is 6'1".

These aircraft may appear small, but they can carry quite a useful load.
Landing at our home airstrip at Berri. Yee Haaarr !!!

It's a tad busy sometimes at "Laidlerfield" great to get such varied visitors
When this spiffy new R44 arrived - I got all excited, but alas it wasn't my Christmas present - it was just visiting, shame about that wasn't it "Timothy".
Just love the golden oldies - Cessna 172A (1960 model) and our modern Jabiru 170C
Sports Star and RV7 - regular visitors to our airstrip.
Sign at our gate
Last flight of the day - evening flights are really nice.
Pilot skill testing, power line maintenance at the Eastern end of our runway.
"Corby Starlett" flown by Tim across Australia from the East Coast (Qld) to the West Coast (WA) - she spent 3 years with us in Berri on the way.