Tim started flying in 1978 after winning a gliding scholarship with the Renmark Gliding Club. He obtained his Private Pilot Licence in 1978 followed by a tail wheel endorsement and glider towing rating. This was followed by his Instructor Rating in gliders, eventually working his way up to Chief Flying Instructor.

In 1981 Tim purchased his first Cessna 172 and later a PIK20B glider in which he won the SA State Championships (Racing Class) in 1993.

Having by then obtained his Commercial Pilot Licence, Tim started a small charter operation in 1995 using his Cessna 182, specializing in outback tours and scenic flights.

Around the same time he obtained his Recreational Aviation Instructor Rating with Riverland Sport Aviation, and started Riverland Flight Training in 2010 using a brand new Jabiru 170. This aircraft has proven to be an excellent and trouble free training aircraft.

With over 10,000 flying hours and more than 30 different aircraft types recorded in his log books, Tim is qualified and equipped to give his students the best possible start to their recreational or professional flying career.

Some of our former Students have gone onto flying for major airlines, charter companies, the Air Force, Royal Flying Doctor Service and one is now an Air Traffic Controller.

Tim Laidler
Chief Flying Instructor